Kim Chanmi (Hangul: 김찬미) referred to as Chungha (Hangul: 청하) is a South Korean solo singer and dancer, born on February 9, 1996. She was a member of the project group, I.O.I, which was derived from the M.NET show Produce 101 and disbanded. Chungha is now a solo artist under the company MNH Entertainment.

Career Edit

Early Life Edit

Produce 101, I.O.I (2016) Edit

I.O.I Disbandment, Solo Debut (2017) Edit

Roller Coaster, Wow Thing, Love U, Byulharang (2018)Edit

Gotta Go, First Win, Snapping (2019)Edit

Discography Edit

Mini AlbumsEdit

Single AlbumsEdit



  • Heehyun - "There Is No Time" (2017)
  • Samuel - "With U" (2017)
  • Hanhae - "Gather at the Lobby" (with Dynamic Duo & Muzie) (2017)
  • Babylon - "LaLaLa" (2017)
  • GroovyRoom - "My Paradise" (with VINXEN) (2018)
  • Wheesung - "Rainy Day Remix" (with Taeil) (2018)
  • Ravi - "Live" (2019)


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